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Product information "primosplint"

Light-curing composite, free of MMA and peroxide, for functional therapeutic bite splints.

Manufacturer "primotec"

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Thanks to the light-curing Primonsplit Kit, dentona's functional therapeutic bite splints are highly stable but not brittle with maximum dimensional stability. Primosplit is a light-curing, MMA- and peroxide-free composite from which, in addition to bite splints and stops for framework try-in, drilling templates for implantology can also be fabricated easily and quickly. Primosplit has a knead-like consistency, is CE and MPG compliant, odorless and tasteless. The temporomandibular joint is relieved with a bite splint made of Primosplit, as the bite splint material is abrasion-optimized and early contacts bite in more quickly.


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Gloss varnish for the splint material primosplint. Polishing is not necessary.


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Gloss varnish for the splint material primosplint. Polishing is not necessary.


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