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Sämtliche Kunststoffsockelsysteme von dentona entstammen der eigenen Fertigung. Die besondere Verbindungstechnik zwischen den Sockelplatten und den korrespondierenden Splitcastplatten ist eine technische Weiterentwicklung zu bekannten Kunststoffsockelsystemen und Gegenstand von einer Patentanmeldung von dentona. Die Modellsysteme von dentona sind gleichermaßen für die konventionelle wie auch für die digitale Modellherstellung geeignet.

The essential accessories for the PVC articulation plates are the adhesive plates made of galvanized steel. dentona® offer

Articulating plates for the Splitex system The articulating plates made of shock-resistant plastic are constructed

From €128.20*
 These base plates, available in two sizes, follow the Zeiser® * / Giroform® ** model system technology. The base and

From €69.80*
Pin drill for Zeiser / Giroform

From €28.70*
These base plates follow the Zeiser®* /Giroform®**- technique in model systems and are availabl

From €160.10*
The dentobase pin drilling unit is the perfect accessory when using the dentobase model system. The combination of functio

  This reduced form of base plate has a bite holder that makes it ideally suited to half-impressions.

From €44.70*
dentona® Das

From €23.60*
dentona® Pin DF

From €43.50*
dentona® Pin DF plus

From €121.60*
Unit: 1.000 pins

From €77.60*
dentona® Kon

From €42.40*

Plaster model dental technique

The special connection technology between the base plates and the corresponding split cast plates is a technical advancement to known plastic base systems. to known plastic base systems and is the subject of a patent application by dentona. The dental model systems from dentona are suitable for both conventional as well as digital model fabrication


The user is given maximum organizational freedom and is thus prepared for all laboratory requirements. The high quality requirements of dentona customers is a challenge to control every step of the production process in order to offer a perfect end product.

Model systems dental technology plaster model

dentona model systems

Modellsysteme sind in der Zahntechnik das Rückgrat der alltäglichen Arbeit. Sowohl die Qualität der Dentaldiagnostik als auch die der Prothetik steht und fällt mit den eingesetzten Lösungen. Diese sind deshalb von entscheidender Bedeutung für die erfolgreiche Patientenversorgung. Hier bei dentona finden Sie durchdachte Modellsysteme, die auf Funktionalität, Kompatibilität, Langlebigkeit, Flexibilität und Nutzerfreundlichkeit ausgelegt sind.

Our model systems

  • optibase
  •  dentobase
  • Splintex
  • dentona

Model systems with components from well-known manufacturers

 Many dental laboratories already use components for model systems from renowned brands such as Zeiser. We offer you solutions which are compatible with the corresponding tools. For example: The dentobase universal plate holder works with all standard pin drilling units for the Zeiser and Giroform technique. In this way, practically all widely used plastic base plates can be processed. can be processed.

Components for Pindex Systems

Modern dental technology relies on Pindex systems. They offer a variety of advantages for producing a saw model. For example, it is particularly easy to create precise drill channels. The drilling depth can be precisely defined even when working manually. Moreover, excellent visibility of the model is ensured at all times and under almost all lighting conditions. The key here is the pins: these are as simple as they are ingenious: they are placed in the material to make individual areas and distances visible to the saw-cut model. The pins can then be sawn along with maximum precision, for example.

The dentona DF plus models even go one step further: they are prefabricated and equipped with plastic sleeves. If drill holes with exactly the same dimensions have to be created along the cuts, they are the suitable aids for this. Moreover, the pins prevent the holes marked by them from being damaged.

The right pin drilling unit for your model system

The pin drilling machine deserves special attention when putting together the components for your model system. Using the dentobase machine as an example, let us briefly explain the reasons, which was developed specifically with common requirements in mind: First of all, the plate holder should be able to handle third-party brands. This is the only way to guarantee flexible working. Secondly, the machine should support drills of different thicknesses. Thirdly, the economic efficiency of the machine is important: it should work with as little loss as possible.

dentona model systems for dental technicians

The components for all dentona brand systems offer an excellent price-performance ratio. This is made possible not only by our innovative concepts: We create the components in our own production. This saves us money and ensures the best possible quality. One example of the difference this makes is the Optibase exclusiv system: It is available in a round shape for better handling. It also already has a base plate fitted with pins, making pin drilling equipment superfluous. You can reuse it dozens of times.

If you have any questions, e.g. regarding the compatibility of individual components, our customer service will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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