arti-plaster® 60, 22kg

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Product information "arti-plaster® 60, 22kg"

arti-plaster® 60 is a fast-setting special articulation plaster (mounting plaster) that has been tried and tested since 1986 - for the precise assembly of models in the articulator - also suitable for plaster keys and quick repairs.

Abbindezeit: appr. 4 min.
Anmischverhältnis: 30 ml : 100 g
Druckfestigkeit 1/24 h: appr. 25 / > 25 MPa
Expansion DIN: < 0,03 %
Härte 24 h: > 60 N/mm²
Härte 30/60 min: appr. 50 N/mm²
Rührzeit (masch.): 30 s
Verarbeitungszeit: appr. 2-3 min.

Manufacturer "dentona"


Numerous innovations for dental model production have distinguished dentona for decades. Our dental research findings are translated into high-quality special products for dental laboratories. For dental plasters from dentona, special plasters are produced from selected raw materials in standardized processes with material tests far beyond the DIN requirements in order to guarantee the promised product properties of the dental plasters. After decades of producing special dental plasters, the production of our own silicones was the logical consequence in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of dental laboratories in terms of processing quality and physical properties with consistent quality. Dental model systems are optimized for dental laboratories by dentona's innovative plastic base system with a further developed connection technique between split cast plates and base plates. The high-quality special investment materials for crown and bridge as well as model casting techniques meet the highest requirements for rapid casting processes as well as conventional heating technology and round off the dental casting technique with the dentona abrasive.


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