Super hard plaster type 5

The special super hard plaster type 5 is required in dental technology for demanding tasks, such as plastic prosthetics and dentures. The corresponding work results must hold permanently, but at the same time be light to provide a certain comfort of use.

Special super hard stone according to ISO 6873: 2013, type 5, thixotropic, fast-setting, especially for plastic dentures,
Colour: white | Unit: 25 kg

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Super hard plaster dental technique

As a dental stone, the special super-hard stone for dental technology must support all the various common procedures and methods. The prostheses are manufactured according to different procedures, which depend on the specific area of application.

  • The Super hard plaster resistone 160 of type 5 is suitable for all casting, spraying and pressing processes, sets quickly and has been specially developed for resin prosthetics. The dental stone complies with the ISO 6873 : 2013 standard.

If you order a higher number of units from us, the unit price decreases. Your dental laboratory can save considerably as a result.

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