Dental acrylics - manual & digital application

In 2015, dentona again demonstrated its innovative strength with its own generative resins for 3D printing systems. In addition, dentona has expanded its material-technical field of competence to include the development and production of dental resins for manual and digital applications with additive manufacturing.

dentona flexisplint®Class IIa powder-liquid system for the production of flexible occlusal splints Specia
Unit: 150 g / 110 ml

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dentona gel LC   Ready-to-use, light-curing, sl

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The first choice for splints and interim restoration
Unit: 150 g / 110 ml

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Dental technology plastic

At IDS 2017 in Cologne, dentona showcased its expanded range of premium resins developed and manufactured in-house. Its manufacturing expertise in resins with two new products- dentona gel LC and dentona Flexisplint, which have already proven themselves in practice. dentona flexisplint is the new powder-liquid system for the manual production of thermoelastic splints with memory effect. Its counterpart for CAD/CAM technology is the new milling blank optimill memosplint. Use the zantechnische Kunststoffe for additive manufacturing for the plastic tooth

Vivatemp Prospect 

Plastic: flexible, resistant and discreet

Dental acrylics are required for the fabrication of splints as well as for interim restorations and fixed dentures. Since they are used in the mouth of the patient, an excellent quality standard is unavoidable for health reasons alone. At the same time, the resin used for dental restorations should be resistant in order to spare patients treatments that might become necessary for repairs or replacement of the splints or implants. It is in the nature of things that patients want to feel as little as possible of the acrylic in the oral cavity when wearing it. Ideally, it should also be invisible. With dentona's offers you can achieve these goals. We offer you plastics that we have developed ourselves and which enable optimum patient care.

Dental plastics

  • vivatemp: The material is thermoelastic. It is therefore powder-fluid system. It is universally suitable for the production of unbreakable and flexible rails. It can also be used for smaller interim smaller interim restorations. In the development of this resin, we have paid particular attention to the fact that it is suitable for an esthetics and has almost invisible luting structures. The support is tension-free. Patients therefore patients do not even notice a splint at some point.
  • flexisplint: Just like dentona vivatemp, this is a powder-liquid system. It is designed for the fabrication of flexible bite block splints. It has a number of special advantages: It is phthalate-free and therefore very compatible. This is particularly important for the dental treatment of young patients. Children often react intensely to phthalate. A memory effect enables precise adjustment of the splints, which have a long service life thanks to their resistance to fracture. This eliminates the need to manufacture replacement splints, which is why working with dentona flexisplint is also extremely economical.
  • gel LC: This is a light-curing resin for dental technology. It reaches you ready for use and is optimally suited for modeling in the implant area. This offer also provides added value for fixed dentures and for the combination technique. During development, we paid special attention to high cost-effectiveness. Therefore, dentona gel LC is available in syringes that allow particularly precise dosing.

Proven in everyday dental practice

dentona Dental resins are already being used successfully in dental practices. The feedback shows that they have proven themselves here. For vivatemp, for example, feedback from MoDoDent in Neumünster is that restorations can be relined, easily polished and extended at any time. Connections to ready-made teeth could also be ensured without the use of a primer. flexisplint is also praised. Hofmann Dentaltechnik GmbH from Landhut, for example, has reported back that the plastic has "enormously increased" the cost-effectiveness and precision of its own splints. The patients are "happy".

However, the words you read on the pages of the online store offering the product are understandably only an initial indication of whether a product is really recommendable. is really recommendable. Therefore, test the dental acrylics yourself to get your own impression.


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