Extraction milling machine with filter cartridge

A suction unit for milling machines removes work residues such as chips and guides them directly to the disposal unit. The iVAC pro+ is suitable for all dental milling machines from imes-icore .

The iCompVAC is an extraction system with an integrated, oil-free compressor in a compact housing. The full featured sucti
Variant: Medentika

The iVAC eco + is the universal solution for all table machines from imes-icore.Technical highlights: Extremely powerful w
Specification: iVAC eco+

The iVAC expert is the compatible extraction system for the CORiTEC 650i and 650i Loader milling machines. High suction po

Long-lasting performance thanks to the filter cartridge iVAC pro +: The industrial extract

The iVAC silent impresses with its compact design and high-quality technology at an affordable price. Equipped with a Tefl


Milling machine exhaust - exhaust system with filter cartridge

Important for the suction milling machine are two components: A compressor for the necessary suction effect and an extraction system with filter cartridge that helps to separate larger particles from smaller particles. Thanks to the Teflon filter cartridge as a component of a milling machine like the iVAC silent, your dental laboratory will remain clean and dental technicians will be able to work without restrictions. Every extraction system with filter cartridge for milling machines that we offer is suitable for use in the dental laboratory. 

Extraction system for dental milling machines

Here with us you will find the right suction unit for the following dental milling machines:

  • CORiTEC 650i (iVAC Expert Anlage)
  • CORiTEC 650 Loader (iVAC Expert)
  • CORiTEC one (iVAC Silent)
  • CORiTEC 150i (iVAC Silent)
  • CORiTEC 250i (iVAC Silent)

Für alle weiteren Dentalfräser Zahntechnik von imes-icore führen wir ebenfalls das passende Angebot. Die Absauganlagen iVAV eco+, iCompVAC Kombigerät und iVAC pro+ sind hierfür die passenden Empfehlungen.

Some tips for choosing the suction unit for your dental milling machine

Every extraction system we offer for milling machines is suitable for use in the dental laboratory. However, there are some points to consider which may be decisive for the individual case:

  • Suction capacity (the iVAC Expert, for example, reaches 1000 cubic meters per hour. Others are weaker)
  • Filter volume
  • Compressor operation full time - yes or no?
  • Compatibility with machine tables
  • Space requirement
  • Automatic cleaning - yes or no?

If your dental technicians are unsure about what is important for you, simply contact us. For example, our support will give you helpful recommendations for the suction milling machine such as the suitable volume of the suction system filter cartridge.

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