Machine table dental milling machine

The high-quality machine table for dental milling machine was specially developed for the requirements in the dental laboratory. The balanced rollers ensure a safe stand and a straight surface for the dental milling machine. They also allow the machine table to be moved easily with the dental milling machine.

The under-table, specially developped for the needs of the machine, has an attractive appearance, a stable design and suff
Variant: small


Machine table for dental cutter dental technology with rollers

The table for milling machine is available in a small and a large variant. The table can carry the large version can carry equipment such as the imes-icore CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO or the models of the 350i family. In this version it is 1060mm wide, 930mm high and 790mm wide. So that it can be used within the scope of its To make it as practical as possible for everyday use, the machine table for a milling machine is equipped with special features. equipment:

  • Drawers, for example, to deposit blanks
  • Cable bushings
  • Cabinet for the furnishings of the Dental milling machine suction unit iVAC2 and iVACeco+, which for example is also very helpful for noise reduction

The interaction between the table and the Dental milling machine dental, specified in its product description has been extensively tested. You can therefore rely on it to that it will serve you faithfully in the long run.

Machine table for dental cutter dental technology

Reliability is the top priority: the machine table is only made of materials that can bear the weight of the superstructure in the medium and long term. the weight of the superstructure in the medium and long term. In both cases, it has an attractive visual design and can easily be integrated into the professional look of a dental laboratory. the professional look of a dental laboratory without any problems.

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