The first bionic painting layer concept!

BiomicTM Stain/Glaze is the first bionic stain layer concept, newly developed by Aidite to quickly replicate natural teeth with the highest esthetics and minimal effort. BiomicTM Stain/Glaze gives dental technicians an unsurpassed fast and easy way to complete their work and achieve a dental restoration that is deceptively similar to natural teeth thanks to 3D Colour Plates.

2D color paste • The viscosity of the pa
Colour: Shade A, 4g

From €38.50*
Biomic 3D pastes • The Natural 3D-Paste has a high degree
Unit: 3DN, 4g

From €44.90*
BiomicTM Stain / Glaze Paint Layer Liquid Paint La
Unit: Glaze Liquid 1, 25ml

From €29.95*

From €59.80*
The first bionic paint layer concept! BiomicTM Stain /

From €819.00*
Variant: 2D brush

From €22.00*
The first tooth-colored mixing plate made from the original restoration material (optimill 3D Pro Zir). According to the r
Colour: light

From €107.00*
3D shade matcher The first colored ring made from the orig

From €206.00*

Tooth Restoration

The first bionic stain layer concept has the further advantage for the practitioner of being much clearer and more economical than known stains. Only those shades are integrated which are actually used in everyday work. At the same time, there are no limits to the user's creativity when intensifying individual characteristics (e.g. cervical areas) or imitating effects (mamelons, translucencies, etc.).

bionic stain layer concept dental technology

The new BiomicTM Stain/Glaze is used to imitate the esthetics of natural teeth with 2D and 3D stain pastes. The 3D glazes of the BiomicTM Stain/Glaze staining layer concept are special: The mixture achieved with them offers a stability comparable to that of layering ceramics. With only one firing, a natural esthetics can be achieved that can only be achieved with much greater effort using conventional layering techniques.

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