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Biomic Stain / Glaze Aesthetic-SET

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Product information "Biomic Stain / Glaze Aesthetic-SET"

The first bionic paint layer concept!

BiomicTM Stain / Glaze is the first bionic paint layer concept, newly developed by Aidite to quickly recreate natural teeth with the highest aesthetics and minimal effort. BiomicTM Stain / Glaze gives the dental technician an unmatched fast and easy way to get the job done and achieve a dental restoration that is deceptively similar to natural teeth.

For practitioners, the first bionic paint layer concept has the further advantage of being much clearer and more economical than known paints. Only those colors are integrated that are really used in everyday life. At the same time, when it comes to intensifying individual characteristics (e.g. cervical areas) or imitating effects (mamelons, translucency, etc.), there are no limits to the user's creativity. The new BiomicTM Stain / Glaze is used to mimic the aesthetics of natural teeth with 2D and 3D color pastes.

The 3D glazes of the BiomicTM Stain / Glaze paint layer concept are special: The resulting mixture offers a stability comparable to that of layering ceramics. With just one firing, natural aesthetics can be achieved which is usually only possible with much greater effort using conventional layering techniques.


Approved for:

• Monolithic zirconium oxyde
• Zirconium oxyde
• Zirconium layer ceramic
• Press ceramic
• Lithium disilicate
• Metal layer ceramics
• Low-melting ceramic

Manufacturer "Aidite"

optimill - Aidite

The optimill partner Aidite has proven itself through many years of experience in dental consumables and facilitates the daily work in the dental laboratory. Aidite and optimill have jointly developed the optimill 3D PRO Zir, optimized for monolithic restorations in the stain-layer system. The finely adjusted zirconium oxide enables a homogeneous result with a strength gradient and a high flexural strength in the cervical area. In combination with Biomic Stain / Glaze, all-ceramic restorations receive the special esthetic effect of 2D pastes with moderate viscosity and 3D pastes for texture effects, combined in the stain-layer system. The optimill 3D Colour Plates is made of the same material as the restoration and shows how the color will look on the restoration. In combination with the color indicator optimill 3D Shader Matcher, made of real 3D Pro Zir teeth, a color difference in the tooth color is avoided.

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optimill 3D PRO Zir is a highly efficient, premium ceramic material. It is part of an economically sophisticated concept for the production of fully anatomical crowns and bridges. In order to be able to use all common tooth colors, the blanks are available to the user in 16 color gradations analogous to the VITA Classic color system. The material has a total of six layers to imitate a natural color gradient within the selected color level. In addition, there is a steadily decreasing translucency gradient, whereby the user achieves a natural translucency in the area of ​​the tooth enamel, while the desired opaque effect is achieved in the neck area of ​​the tooth. The translucency is 57% in the incisal area and 43% in the cervical area. The optimill 3D PRO Zir thus delivers an even higher translucency than cubic zirconia or glass ceramic. Optimill 3D PRO Zir is a revolutionary product due to the additional different strength values ​​within a zirconium oxide blank. The flexural strength in the tooth body is over 1050 MPa and then gradually decreases from layer to layer to 700 MPa in the cutting area. Color gradation! 6 layers for natural color transition, matching color gradation of a natural tooth from the cervical to the incisal area. Graduated translucency! The decrease in transparency from 57% in the incisal area to 43% in the cervical area results in a lifelike reproduction of the tooth enamel, with the lower translucency in the tooth body providing the desired opaque effect at the same time. Strength graduation! The strength is graded from 700 Mpa to 1050 Mpa, so that an optimal hardness is achieved in the occlusion. High strength in the base area enables large-span bridge restorations to be implemented.

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The ASIGA MAX UV combines economy, flexibility and user-friendliness in a compact desktop printer. The heart of this printer is a high-performance UV projector with a wavelength of 385 nm, so that all indications can be printed with the help of dentona's premium resins. The sophisticated SPS ™ - Smart Positioning System Technology - ensures problem-free printing of larger form parts. The advantage is increased process reliability, as it adapts the lifting speed of the platform to the pull-off forces after exposure and thus prevents the form parts from tearing off. The built-in light sensor guarantees maintenance-free and constant projector performance. This ensures reproducible results at all times and prevents misprints. The innovative TraySystem enables material to be changed within seconds.   Integrated light sensorIt is a natural process that the LED performance decreases when the devices are used. The integrated light sensor ensures permanent automatic calibration, with which the framework conditions for production are permanently ensured and maintenance costs are minimized. Tempered construction spaceThe control of the temperature in the construction space is a very important success factor for the process stability and accuracy. Regardless of the external conditions, the resin in the installation space has the necessary minimum temperature so that the preset viscosity and tear resistance is always given. Safe process chainThe years of experience of the dentona technicians and the development and manufacture of the generative resins from dentona®, matched to the ASIGA MAX, give the user the security of being able to use the printing process around the clock. High performance UV LEDThe HD projector with a wavelength of 385 nm is the essential prerequisite for printing all biocompatible materials from dentona®. The clear, transparent premium resins give you brilliant components without undesirable discoloration. Wide range of applicationsIn connection with the wide range of materials from dentona®, the ASIGA MAX printer offers the maximum application range of a desktop device. SPS ™ –Smart Positioning System technologyIn order to prevent the molded parts from tearing off, the speed of the platform is adapted to the pull-off forces after exposure.

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The special resin optiprint gingiva has been designed for the production of flexible gingival masks using 3D printing technology. The color of optiprint gingiva, which is very similar to that of natural gingiva, in conjunction with the gingiva-like flexibility of the material, makes it easier for the dental technician to produce aesthetic dentures. optiprint gingiva is the ideal complement to the special model resin optiprint model.   Special properties Functional upgrade of the modelNatural reproduction of the gingivaFlexible and tear-resistant

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acero MOG Die acero MOG ist eine Modellgusslegierung auf Cobalt- Chrom (CoCr) Basis, Typ 5, für den gesamten Bereich der Modellguss- und Kombinationstechnik! acero MOG eignet sich somit sowohl für den Flammenguss, Vakuumdruckguss als auch das Hochfrequenz-Gießverfahren. Sie zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Korrosionsbeständigkeit aus und ist uneingeschränkt lasergeeignet.   Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir aufgrund des hohen Kobalt-Kurses ab sofort gezwungen sind einen entsprechenden Zuschlag zu berechnen.   Chemische Zusammensetzung Co % Cr % W % Nb % Mo % Si % C % 61,5 30,1 5,5 0,6 1,0 0,6 0,6

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dentona tray LC Light-curing tray plates, 2.2 mm thick. For individual impression and functional trays.

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