Dental burrs durable from M-Tec

In the dental field, different dental milling cutters are indispensable to machine a variety of materials. M-Tec offers durable and powerful dental milling cutter dental technology from tools4cadcam.

Variant: Ø 1,0 mm / 6 mm shank

Variants from €33.20*
Variant: Ø 2,5 mm / 3 mm shank T13

Variant: Ø 0,6 mm / 3 mm shank T5

Variant: Ø 1 mm / 6 mm shank T81

Variants from €38.00*
Variant: Ø 0,6mm / 6mm shank T 97

Variants from €26.00*
Variant: Ø 1,5 mm / 6 mm shank T66/T76

Variants from €24.00*
Variant: Ø 1 mm / 6 mm shank T86

Variants from €31.50*
Variant: Ø 0,6 mm / 6 mm shank T90


M Tec dental cutter dental technology;

Dental technician materials that can be processed by means of the M Tec dental milling machine:

  • Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA milling machine)
  • Zirconia (Zr)
  • Polyethylene wax (WAX/PE)
  • Base metals (NEM). 

Dental burs for dental technology differ according to their suitability for different materials as well as different diameters and the length of the shaft. length of the shank.

We offer you dental technician accessories for dental milling machines with individual models in different configurations - e.g. the PMMA milling machine long live PMMA/AG. When milling Zr objects, the long live Zr milling machines from M Tec

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