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Product information "optimill SHTC"

optimill SHTC (Super-High-Translucent-Colored) is a premium product made of highly translucent zirconium oxide for natural-looking restorations. The homogeneously colored blanks are available in 16 shades analogous to the VITA Classic shade system. They are used as monolithic dentures or as an excellent basis for reduced frameworks with minimal layering. Thanks to the high level of color reliability and the lower cost of customization, you can achieve highly aesthetic results quickly and in a targeted manner.


Color and process reliability thanks to homogeneous coloring ensures consistent color results - even when regrinding the framework
Economical by eliminating the dipping process and the use of coloring liquids
Provides natural-looking aesthetic results for monolithic restorations

Manufacturer "optimill"


The zirconia for modern dental laboratories covers all needs in top quality. optimill is a milling process with a product portfolio tailored to safe process sequences at the highest quality and includes zirconia blanks/blocks as well as CoCr and plastic blanks. Professional dental milling machines, from the CORiTEC 250i touch whose 5-axis technology enables even complex dental prostheses with high flexibility, to automatic 16-blank changers in the CORiTEC 650i / Loader, which enables 24/7 utilization with consistently high precision in the dental laboratory.
Dental scanners such as the Vinyl High Resolution, which conforms to DIN ISO 12836 with a repeatability of up to 4 µm, optimally supports the work of the dental technician with global and detailed accuracy in complicated work. The CAD/CAM software exocad, which has been optimized for dental workflows, enables digital dental technology for the complete range of dental indications with the highest technical demands. Feedback from the dental laboratory plays an important role in the continuous further development by our research team and enables an interlocked production process that is characterized by maximum efficiency with simple operation and a good price/performance ratio. With optimill, the complete spectrum of dental indications is covered and saves dental laboratories interface problems through service from a single source.


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