Hochentwickelte 3D Dentaldrucker für Dentallabore

With dentona 3D printers for dental technology, your dental laboratory is treading the important path of innovation in dental technology. Rely on the latest rapidshape 3D printers for 3D process automation such as the D50+ for printing any dental indications

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The ASIGA MAX UV combines economy, flexibility and user-friendliness in a compact desktop printer. The heart of this print
Specification: ASIGA MAX UV

€8,990.00* €10,990.00* (18.2% saved)
Aktive Layer-Überwachung Asigas bahnbrechendes Smart Positioning System (SPS™) ermöglicht e

The ASIGA PRO 4K is the newest 3D printer from ASIGA and has a high-performance UV projector with a resolution of 4K and a
Specification: Asiga PRO 4K 80 Printer UV

€22,990.00* €24,990.00* (8% saved)
Aktive Layer-Überwachung Asigas bahnbrechendes Smart Positioning System (SPS™) ermöglicht e

More flexibility: The D20+ offers a flexible and certified 3D printing solution for laboratories thanks to its open materi

The powerful D30+ sets new standards in the

The D50+ is the new workhorse for printing


3D Printer Dental Technology

The technology of the Asiga® dental printing systems has matured and is designed for use in the professional production environment of dental technology. With the Asiga PRO 4K you get a high performance UV projector with an innovative tray system.

Dental experience

dentona has years of experience in the installation of 3D dental printing systems and 3D dental printers. Furthermore dentona has built up a competent and reliable support. The dental application know-how is a valuable help for every dental technician and for every dental laboratory.

Material competence dental technician

dentona's own development and production of 3D printer materials for dental technicians and dental laboratories is responsible for the innovative and economical range of generative resins, which are optimally matched to the requirements of the various printing systems and 3D printer dental technology.

3D dental printers for modern dental technology

Dental printers are a valuable support in the dental laboratory. They enable efficient, powerful as well as precise work. Here at optiprint, you will find high-quality devices that have been specially designed for use as dental 3D printers. We have only included such models in our offer, which come from first-class manufacturers. We will present them to you in detail later. However, we can already assure you that at optiprint you will find a 3D printer that meets your high requirements.3D dental printers for efficient, high-performance and precise work in the dental laboratory

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RapidShape D30+
RapidShape D50+

3D printing in dental technology

RapidShape: "Highest quality made in Germany".
RapidShape is a manufacturer of 3D printers located in the south of Germany (Heimsheim). It is a subsidiary of the well-known Schultheiss GmbH. The company itself describes the goal for its own products with the words "Highest quality made in Germany". The company's founders set themselves the goal of not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of their own customers. They explain that there were no printers that met their own requirements before they started their business. From the very beginning, the dental sector was one of the areas on which RapidShape focused. Time and again, the company presents innovative new models. For example, the D50+, which we also offer here, was presented to the public for the first time in September 2021 and immediately attracted a lot of attention at the IDS trade fair in Cologne.

ASIGA: Innovative Power from Australia
ASIGA has been active on the market since 2011, when it offered the world's first LED-based DLP 3D printer. The company constantly developed this technology further: The PRO 4K is equipped with the latest evolution of the system. The Australian company quickly gained recognition from independent experts for its own innovations: Back in 2012, it won the prestigious "MJSA's Thinking Ahead award", for the best new technology that will change their market. These were not to be the only awards. On January 24, 2018, ASIGA was able to announce that it had won the coveted "JDT WOW Award." This award is particularly significant for our field, as it is awarded by the professional journal "Journal of Dental Technology".

ACKURETTA: "flexible and affordable 3D ecosystems".
ACKURETTA is a 3D printer manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the dental sector. The company's goal is to offer "flexible and affordable 3D ecosystems" that can be ideally adapted to the needs of each usage environment. The ACKURETTA SOL model is an excellent example of this: the LCD-based 3D printer has a high build speed and is comparably inexpensive. However, the accuracy of the work does not suffer as a result. Users such as the International Digital Dental Academy praise the reliability, simplicity and quality of the 3d printer dental technology.

Do you need assistance in choosing a 3d printer?

If you do not know which of the dental printers is ideal for your needs, we will be happy to help you. We have extensive experience in working with the machines. As a result, we can provide detailed recommendations on which machines best suit which requirements. Simply contact us.


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