Die Marke Nr.1 für Dentalharze

With modern dental resin technologies of dental technology and the optiprint - series of dentona, a growing demand with even higher service and quality standards can be managed in spite of the increasing competitive pressure among dental laboratories.

The dental 3D printing resin optiprint cast nf takes the CAD / Cast process to a newlevel. This residue-free burn out
Unit: 1 kg, red

Variants from €122.30*
From €222.60*
Unit: 1.000 g

Variants from €147.30*
From €267.50*
Unit: 1 L

optiprint express is the first fast model resin optimized for 405nm. The material shortens the printing time thanks to sho

From €89.30*
The special resin optiprint gingiva has been designed for the production of flexible gingival masks using 3D printing tech

From €147.30*
The optiprint guide resin is a clear, transparent, light-curing premium resin based on (meth) acrylates for the production

From €122.80*
The biocompatible 3D printing resin I-B-T 385 has been specially developed for the additive manufacturing of transfer temp
Nanometer: 385 nm | Unit: 1 kg, clear transparent

From €222.60*
optiprint laviva is the new 3D printing resin for lifelike dentures. Thanks to a naturaltranslucent coloring and the h
Unit: 1 kg, light-pink

Variants from €132.70*
From €241.40*
optiprint lumina is the new translucent 3D printing resin for natural-looking teeth. As ahighly filled 3D printing res
Colour: A1 | Unit: 1.000 g

Variants from €146.30*
From €267.50*
This innovative 3D printing resin was specially designed to document the digital manufacturing process using 3D printing f
Nanometer: 385 nm | Unit: 1 kg, light brown

From €177.70*

From €93.20*
optiprint sprint is the first fast model resin with plaster look. Due to its lower viscosity the print speed increases.

From €129.10*
optiprint tray has been consistently developed and optimized for the generative production of individual impression trays

From €151.50*

Dental printer resin

Where you as a user always expect new materials, like the optiprint dental resin for dental printers, for the growing application areas of 3D printing technology, dentona supplies you with the premium resins of the optiprint - series, which you can use for all dental printers. The optiprint dental resin for Asiga printers fits seamlessly into the 3D printing process for your dental applications such as resin dental technology, as usual from dentona. Scale your dental 3D printing processes with the Asiga resin according to your ideas and requirements in the usual quality also to 3D printer liquid resin.

Resin for dental printers

The dental resin from optiprint convinces you with special products for all important dental applications, which you can process in the current printer brands based on the current technologies (DLP, SLA, LCD), let the resin dental technology for Ackuretta printers in use convince you. Discover the specially matched dental resin in product variants for 3D printers in dental technology with less high light output (HR products) as well as for 3D printers with steriolithography technology (SLA products). Through years of continuous innovation and development, optiprint offers the ideal dental resin for dental printers. Buy 3D printer resin now

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