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optiprint express (405 nm)

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Product information "optiprint express (405 nm)"

optiprint express is the first fast model resin optimized for 405nm. The material shortens the printing time thanks to shorter exposure times.

Manufacturer "optiprint"


Additive resins for the dental 3D printing process with coordinated product portfolio for dental applications. optiprint premium resins form an economical range for the dental requirements of common 3D dental printing systems. The dental production environment with ASIGA, EnvisionTec and Ackuretta dental printers enables a safe process flow in the dental laboratory with optiprint premium resins. The optiprint clean cleaning liquid continues the controlled process of adaptive dental 3D printing in the BB Cleaner with simplified cleaning and disposal process. Post-curing in the wavelength range of 280-580 nm takes place in the Otoflash G171 with particularly short curing times and ensures biocompatibility with the optiprint premium resins.

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optiprint sprint is the first fast model resin with plaster look. Due to its lower viscosity the print speed increases.

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The unique successor to the proven dento-rock® 280. uni-base® 300 is a special die stone according to DIN EN ISO 6873: 2013, type 4, thixotropic, can be removed from the impression early for all saw, counterbite and diagnostic models.

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Cleaning liquid for removing resin residues from additively manufactured form parts.

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