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Product information "RS cure"

Light curing device for the polymerisation of 3D printed components in just 6 - 10 minutes. The powerful LEDs used in the unit, in combination with a heater and a vacuum, ensure 360° homogeneous curing in the UVA and UVB range.

Manufacturer "rapidshape"

RapidShape: innovative dental 3D printers

Dental 3D printers are reliable helpers in the laboratory and in the dental practice. They support patient care by The precise production of components for models, splints or even prostheses. Rapid Shape is one of the leading manufacturers of the related equipment. Here at dentona you can purchase some of their innovative solutions. We have put together our offer in such a way that we can offer you not only printers, but also important accessories (e.g. RS wash) for your daily work. work.

Rapid Shape: examples of possible applications

  • D30+: This device is a 3D dental printer that features the patented Rapid Shape separation unit. This works automatically and It works automatically and ensures that components are automatically transported from the build platform to a collection container after printing. The machine then starts the next print autonomously. This significantly increases the operating speed of the printer.
  • D50+: This dental 3D printer is the next generation compared to the D30+. The device also has the automatic separation unit, but additionally works with an autonomous reflow unit. unit, but also operates with an autonomous refilling unit. This means that the tray is always adequately supplied with the print material without manual intervention. This printer thus allows the laboratory team to concentrate on other tasks, as it largely manages without their intervention.
  • RS cure: It is a light source for polymerization. During development, Rapid Shape placed great emphasis on the fact that it guarantees 360 degree homogeneous curing. It works with ultraviolet light in the A (UVA) and B (UVB) ranges. Especially for the RS cure is particularly useful for post-curing. The polymerization time is only six to ten minutes.
  • RS washHygiene is of inestimable importance in the dental field. Prostheses, splints, etc. are finally used in the patient's in the mouth of the patient. Components from the dental 3D printer must therefore be carefully cleaned. This is ensured by RS wash as a fully fully automatic cleaning unit. It reliably removes all sticky resin residues from components in just six to eight minutes, for example. At the same time The machine works economically, using as little detergent as possible to achieve optimum cleaning results.

Rapid Shape develops and manufactures its products in Germany

The printers and accessories RapidShapes may bear the label "Made in Germany". The devices are developed and manufactured in Germany with the aim of setting the and manufactured in Germany with the aim of setting new standards in terms of efficiency and quality. The products are not only to compete with the competition on the global market, but to but to surpass them in the global market. The company built its first dental 3D printers back in 2011 and has many years of experience in this field. This experience is continuously incorporated into the development of the latest offerings.

The company is also known for rigorously checking all its equipment before it leaves the factory to ensure that it is fully functional. Besides the technical quality of the equipment, this is one of the reasons why we have included the products in dentona's offer: We know that the manufacturer does everything for the best possible user experience. This is very important for us.


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Fully automatic cleaning unit that safely a

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