Milling with optimill - plastic circular blanks

The optimill plastic and wax blanks are highly compacted, industrially manufactured and meet the highest technical requirements. The versatile range is used for the fabrication of (long-term) temporaries or splints, supports the casting of restorations and the try-in, bite check and adjustment in the patient's mouth.

This blank made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is particularly suitable for the economical production of all kinds of s

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Size: 16 mm x 98,5 mm mit Stufe | Unit: 10 Stück

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Thermoelastic resin - This innovative class IIa material for the splint production is a thermoelastic resin. The special t
Size: 16 mm x 98,3 mm with step | Variant: optimill memosplint

From €51.80*
This new memosplint product variant is universally suitable for the production of all flexible and break-resistant types o
Size: 16 mm x 98,3 mm with step

From €51.80*
The proportion of people with allergic reactions is increasing. With splint you get a biocompatible plastic for allergy su
Size: 14 mm x 98,5 mm with step | Variant: optimill splint

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This blank, made of polymethyl methacrylate in connection with highly crosslinking additives to improve the structure, is
Colour: A2 | Size: 20 mm x 98,5 mm with step

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Plastic blanks memosplit

The optimill plastic blanks are suitable for the most common milling machines and are used for the fabrication of (long-term) temporaries or splints. In addition, the plastic blanks support bite control and bite adaptation in the patient's mouth. Thanks to thermoelastic plastic, memosplit offers temperature-dependent mechanical properties - the material provides maximum comfort, as it becomes more flexible in the patient's mouth due to body temperature.

Plastic rounds for milling machine

Plastic rounds serve a variety of purposes in the dental field. For example, they are the basis for an orthodontic splint. They can also be the basis of milled interim restorations. At our company, we offer innovative yet economical models of optimill that make excellent patient care possible. For example, if you are looking for plastic blanks that strike a balance between breaking strength and elasticity to provide patients with a high level of comfort, you will find the right offer here at dentona. Some of our blanks are also suitable for digital splint fabrication using milling technology.

Dental Technology Applications Plastic Roden

  • splint: made of transparent polyamide for providing allergy patients with splints of all kinds
  • cast ice: burns without residue and is therefore excellent for the casting and press-on technique (useful for fully anatomical crowns and bridges)
  • memosplint: thermoelastic resin that becomes more flexible in the patient's mouth but does not lose any of its strength; therefore offers particularly high wearing comfort as a material base for splints
  • temp ML: blank used for structural enhancement from single crowns to temporaries
  • crystal clear: biocompatible milling blank version, consisting of polymethyl methacrylate for allergy-reducing plaster splints; approved as a class IIa medical device
  • crystalign: for orthodontic splints; high material homogeneity ensures process reliability and excellent long-term stability
  • memosplint version S: universally applicable due to increased stiffness

These brief descriptions naturally only provide a first insight into the strengths of the blanks. We therefore strongly recommend that you also study the individual descriptions. Our comparison tool will serve you well. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to assist you.

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