Light Curing Units 3D Dental Printer

The right light-curing unit for 3D components in your dental laboratory. Use the coordinated processes for dental technicians. LED polymerization within 6 - 10 minutes for a safe and transparent process chain.

The device enables the photopolymerization of all light-curing materials in the wavelength range 280-580 nm and thus allow

Light curing device for the polymerisation


Polymerization dental technician

A light source (often also referred to as a polymerization unit) is used for the dental 3D printing necessary. The molded certificates in the dental laboratory must be hardened, for which the corresponding machines are used. As they are gentle on the material and ensure a bubble-free mixing ratio, they are ideal for the dental sector. Devices that work with ultraviolet (UV) radiation are recommended, as they can also be used for post-curing. Stereolithography 3D printed products in particular require this additional process. Here at dentona, dental laboratories and dentists will find the right light source for their requirements and the printers they already have.

Selecting the right light curing unit

To select the right light-curing device for your 3D printer, you need to create a demand profile. Are you curing larger components? What wavelengths are critical for the print material? We have compiled a list of three of the models we offer, giving you the key information at a glance. On the individual product pages you will find more in-depth information on each device.

  • RapidShape RS cure: for uniform curing in the UVA as well as UVB range
  • Otoflash G171: for photopolymerizations in the wavelength range from 280 to 580 nm
  • Ackuretta UV-Box: UV light curing unit, especially for 3D components


FAQ light curing unit dental technology

What exactly are the functions of light-curing devices in 3D printing and why are they important for the dental sector?

The devices are primarily used in post-processing in 3D printing. In the dental sector, this work step is important, because the certificates are processed immediately after they are completed. Models, for example, are adjusted by hand. To ensure that these changes are permanent post-curing is important. Depending on the 3D printer in question, however, the machines can also be used for actual curing can also be used for the actual production.

What is polymerization and how does it differ from photopolymerization?

In the context of light curing devices, the term polymerization ultimately means nothing other than curing. Chemically speaking, it is a synthesis reaction triggered by UV light. Monomers are converted into polymers in the process. This means that the components of a material join together. The technical term for this is "crosslinking. This ensures curing or post-curing. The material in the polymerization unit becomes denser.

Photopolymerization is a special form of polymerization. It works with the absorption of light. This can involve UV radiation, but also visible wavelengths. The light contains the energy that is responsible for the synthesis reaction.

What do UVA and UVB stand for?

There are different types of UV radiation. These are marked with the letters A and B. The latter is the more energetic variant. Curing with both variants has various advantages and disadvantages. Basically: UVA radiation is slower, but also reaches deeper material layers. A polymerization unit such as the RapidShape RS cure supports both types, in order to be able to offer the best solution depending on the respective application.

How long do the cures take?

The light curing units offered by dentona are designed for fast working processes. Users of the RapidShape RS cure, for example, can continue working with the components after six to ten minutes. The Otoflash G171 curing unit can also complete its task within a few minutes, as it works with special light flashes to advance photopolymerization as effectively as possible.

If you have any questions about the light curing units, simply contact dentona Customer Service. We will be happy to help you.

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