Light Curing Unit 3D Printing Accessories

The curing of the materials in the dental 3D printer of your dental laboratory usually takes place by means of light. Specific accessories are essential for this, e.g. the connection for the nitrogen bottle (N2).

The Otoflash Air Filter for Otoflash G171 is an essential component for maintaining and optimizing the performance of your

The Otoflash Plexi tray is a specially designed accessory for the Otoflash G171 for safe and effective post-processing of
Variant: with UVB blocker

Variants from €20.59*

Air Filter 3D Printer Dental Lab

We offer dental laboratories light curing unit;dental technician accessories for everyday use:

If you have any questions about the individual products, our customer service will be happy to help you. The right place to go if you are not sure about the compatibility of the of the connection set for the N2 bottle or the Otoflash air filter with your existing 3D printer. 3D Printing Technology Comparison Guide

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