Begrüßen Sie den brandneuen Intraoralscanner von SHINING 3D, Aoralscan 3 Wireless! Außergewöhnlich, intelligent und elegant verbessert Aoralscan 3 Wireless die gesamte klinische Erfahrung. Er ermöglicht es den Anwendern, auf einfache Weise lebendige digitale Abdrücke schneller und genauer zu erfassen. 
Darüber hinaus verfügt der Aoralscan 3, wie auch die kabelgebundene Version, über eine breite Palette verschiedener intelligenter Funktionen, die eine komfortablere Erfahrung am Behandlungsplatz und eine effiziente Zusammen-arbeit zwischen Praxis und Labor garantieren.

The new intraoral scanner in the validated dentona workflowSay hello to SHINING 3D's brand new intraoral scanner, Aoralscan 3! Exceptional, intelligent and elegant, Aoralscan 3 improves the overall clinical experience. It enables users to easily capture vivid digital impressions faster and more accurately. In addition, Aoralscan 3 has a wide range of different smart features that ensure a more comfortable experience at the treatment center and efficient collaboration between the practice and the lab.Discover a new dimension in digital dentistry with the Aoralscan 3 from Shining 3D. As the latest generation intraoral scanner, the Aoralscan 3 is specifically designed to provide a smooth patient experience while delivering accurate and detailed digital impressions for the treating dentist.Realistic color scans:The Aoralscan 3 creates high-resolution 3D color scans that provide a detailed and realistic image of the patient's oral condition. This assists the dentist in diagnosis and treatment planning and gives the patient a better understanding of their oral health.Fast and accurate impressions:Using state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence, the Aoralscan 3 quickly and accurately captures the complete morphology of the teeth and gums. The intuitive handling and fast scanning process makes the process much more comfortable and less time-consuming for the patient.Automatic data filter:Thanks to the intelligent algorithms, the Aoralscan 3 automatically filters out superfluous data and presents only the relevant scan results. This facilitates data processing and enables even more accurate treatment planning.Light-independent scanning:The Aoralscan 3 features advanced technology that allows it to scan regardless of lighting conditions. This allows the scanner to be used in a variety of clinical environments without compromising scan quality.Easy integration into digital workflows:The Aoralscan 3 integrates seamlessly with existing digital workflows and CAD/CAM systems. This enables efficient processing of scan data and fast fabrication of dental restorations or orthodontic appliances.Auto-clip function and ultra HD preview:The Aoralscan 3 features an auto clip function that automatically detects and removes unwanted areas in the scan. In addition, the device offers an automatic Ultra HD preview that provides a detailed view of the scanned areas.Experience the pinnacle of digital dental technology with the Aoralscan 3 from Shining 3D. Improve your practice workflow, increase patient satisfaction and take advantage of the precision and efficiency of this innovative intraoral scanner.
Specification: Aoralscan 3

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