Milling with optimill - zirconium oxide

A top-class zirconium oxide program for all the needs of the modern dental laboratory with Dental milling machine. In addition to the super-efficient high-tech multilayer ingots, the mono-pre-impregnated blanks and the white zirconium oxide blanks are a high-quality and economical and economical rounding off of the optimill range. Zircon Blanks Brochure

  optimill 3D Pro Zir ist ein hoch effizienter, keramischer Premiumwerkstoff. Dahinter v

From €107.70*
optimill 3D PRO Zir is a highly efficient, premium ceramic material. It is part of an economically sophisticated concept f

From €116.64*
This special liquid enables non-vital dies to be supplied with a highly translucent zirconium oxide. The technician remain
Article: masking Liquid, 5 ml

Variants from €31.20*
Der optimill Multilayer vereint sehr hohe Transluzenz und maximale Bruchfestigkeit in einem Zirkonoxid Fräsrohling.&n

From €84.50*
Optimill SD (standard) is characterized by its extremely high flexural strength and excellent hardness. This material has

From €45.70*
The use of special raw material processing and manufacturing processes and techniques gives optimill SHT (Super-High-Trans

From €45.70*
optimill SHTC (Super-High-Translucent-Colored) is a premium product made of highly translucent zirconium oxide for natural

From €84.00*

Zirconia discs material for milling work

Zirconium oxide is one of the central materials for the dental sector. It has a high resistance to the propagation of cracks and is therefore universally applicable. It is used, for example, for the fabrication of fully anatomical crowns and bridges. It is helped in this by its high thermal expansion. Therefore, we offer you here corresponding offers from optimill: it is zirconium oxide program of the top class.

Dental technology zirconia blanks

  • SHT (Super High Translucent): This is a highly translucent zirconia used for natural-looking restorations.
  • 3D Block Pro and IIID PRO (Multilayered Zirconia 3D): These two offerings are three-dimensional zirconia for all indications. The blanks are available in several color shades in order to achieve the most natural-looking results possible.
  • SD (Standard): This material impresses with its high flexural strength and excellent hardness. It is excellently suited for large-span bridges, for example. The masking effect is able to camouflage metal color.
  • masking Liquid: Special liquid required for devitalized stumps.

Parts of the range presented in the examples can also be found with us in variations. For example, you can also purchase the highly translucent zirconium oxide in the SHTC variant. You will then receive colored blanks with high color reliability according to the VITA Classic system. If you have any questions about the products presented or the possible variations, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly customer service will certainly be able to help you.

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