CAD CAM software for dental technology

Software optimized for dental applications allows a workflow for the design of restorations, with the exocad Bundle Dental CAD you get a design software as an ideal complement to fully automated systems, perfectly integrated into the dentona process chain.

The exocad® DentalCAD software is based very closely on the dental workflow for designing restorations. In this way, even
Module: Base module

Variants from €590.00*
The exocad® DentalCAD software is based very closely on the dental workflow for designing restorations. In this way, even
Update Module: Base module

Variants from €70.00*
Specification: Ultimate Lab Version

Variants from €5,100.00*
Maestro 3D Ortho Studio is a modular software. The module used for the aligner technology is called Ortho Studio and is co
Variant: Ortho-Studio A

Variants from €1,010.00*
MillBox is a revolutionary CAM software for dental technology - extremely easy to use -  that draws on the full
Version: MillBox ECO


Dental Cad Cam Systems

Maestro 3D Ortho-Studio shines in the Aligner technique impresses with an intuitive workflow, fast analyses and therefore highly economical solutions for dental laboratories. By moving the teeth in the virtual set-up, the CAD optimizes the models for export to the 3D printer. With MillBox you get a revolutionary comfortable to use CAM software for dental technology.

exocad Software

Let us convince you of the automatic functions of the leading CAM provider, with a favorable Exocad software price. Gerne beraten wir you with the new installation or update of your CAD CAM software for dental technology.

Powerful CAD software for the dental sector

CAD software is used in the dental field for designing restorations, simulating different treatment approaches, and preparing the manufacturing process. The abbreviation stands for "Computer-Aided Design". These solutions are closely related to CAM software - i.e. programs for "computer-aided manufacturing". Here at dentona, you will find CAD and CAM software solutions from optimill that are powerful and can be ideally integrated into the process chains of our associated systems.

Examples of optimill CAD CAM software for dental technology

  • exocad Bundle DentalCAD-Software: This solution was developed with a special focus on the dental process of designing restorations. The software comes as close as possible to it. As a result, even beginners in the field of digital dental technology can benefit from working with this program. They can choose between three bundles (Advanced Lab, Implant Lab, Ultimate Lab). In the product description of the software we present them to you in detail, so that you can make an informed decision.
  • CAD-Software exocad: This solution is closely related to the program presented at the beginning. The application is specially designed for interaction with the scanner. smart optics Vinyl intended to work fully automatically. An ergonomic user interface can be flexibly adapted to individual users. Beginners, experienced users and professionals can work optimally with the software in this way. We also offer a special update package for this solution. You will receive This way, you receive all new features and can always use the program in its best form.
  • Maestro 3D Ortho-Studio: The name of this software already indicates that it is a program that works in conjunction with 3D-Printer is used. Various modules give the software its You can, for example, work with a bracket placement module, a model builder module or a clear aligner module. Also on board is a set-up module. It is intended for exporting the models to the 3D printer used. Integrated into the software is an intuitive workflow that allows analyses within minutes.
  • Millbox: This solution is an easy-to-use CAM software. It is an improvement of SUM3D-Dental, which has proven itself many times as a manufacturing application in dental technology. Millbox uses all the potential and automated features of this solution and brings them together with a first-class user interface. Clearly structured menus guide you safely to the work steps to be performed. In the product description you will find you will find recordings that give you examples of this.


The right mix of software and hardware: We will be happy to advise you

Some of our CAM and CAD software is compatible with several machine series. We will be happy to support you in this, the right mix of hardware and software for you. We will show you the advantages of the individual models for the work processes that you you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. This way, you can choose the device and software solution that ideally fits your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service. Please feel free to contact us.

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