Model Software 3D Dental Printing

The model software for 3D dental printing converts the scan of a mandible into a computer-readable and editable template. The 3D Printer Dental creates them afterwards. The model management software didex is an excellent example, to illustrate the added value of such a solution for the daily work in the dental lab with dental software.

The BiteReg program is a software program that makes it possible to design qualitatively consistent bite templates, indivi
Variant: BiteReg - Basisversion | Variant: BiteReg

The first digital path to the Pindex* model
Specification: didex Modell-Software

Variants from €600.00*

Dental software for preparing a digital jaw model scan

didex creates digital dental models such as jaw model scans that are used as the basis for 3D printing a PINDEX model in dental technology. didex dental software thus combines the requirements of a dental precision template with maximum accuracy as well as result transparency in 3D printing dental technology. The laboratory technicians practically do not have to make any changes in the further processing of the saw model. Optics and haptics correspond to those of the widely used plaster models. The didex software reads out most of the measurement data automatically and thus prevents accidental incorrect entries.

3D Drucker Model Software

The duo of model software and 3D dental printer minimizes the error rate.
The optiprint model software is based on the extensive experience of specialists. It is equipped with numerous aids that make it easier to get started. The didex software reads out most of the measurement data automatically, thus preventing thus preventing accidental input errors. In addition, by interacting with the 3D printer, it takes over almost all manufacturing steps automatically, that previously had to be done by hand, the error rate is further reduced. Everyday work in the dental lab with modern dental technology and 3D Printer is easier, faster and cheaper this way.

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