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optimill 3D PRO Zir is a highly efficient, premium ceramic material. It is part of an... more
Product information "optimill IIID PRO Zir"

optimill 3D PRO Zir is a highly efficient, premium ceramic material. It is part of an economically sophisticated concept for the production of fully anatomical crowns and bridges. In order to be able to use all common tooth colors, the blanks are available to the user in 16 color gradations analogous to the VITA Classic color system. The material has a total of six layers to imitate a natural color gradient within the selected color level.

In addition, there is a steadily decreasing translucency gradient, whereby the user achieves a natural translucency in the area of ​​the tooth enamel, while the desired opaque effect is achieved in the neck area of ​​the tooth. The translucency is 57% in the incisal area and 43% in the cervical area. The optimill 3D PRO Zir thus delivers an even higher translucency than cubic zirconia or glass ceramic.

Optimill 3D PRO Zir is a revolutionary product due to the additional different strength values ​​within a zirconium oxide blank. The flexural strength in the tooth body is over 1050 MPa and then gradually decreases from layer to layer to 700 MPa in the cutting area.

Color gradation!

6 layers for natural color transition, matching color gradation of a natural tooth from the cervical to the incisal area.

Graduated translucency!

The decrease in transparency from 57% in the incisal area to 43% in the cervical area results in a lifelike reproduction of the tooth enamel, with the lower translucency in the tooth body providing the desired opaque effect at the same time.

Strength graduation!

The strength is graded from 700 Mpa to 1050 Mpa, so that an optimal hardness is achieved in the occlusion. High strength in the base area enables large-span bridge restorations to be implemented.

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